Cosmetic Treatments Decreasing, Despite Our Look Obsession

Although as a nation, we are more concerned with the way we look than ever before, the overall number of cosmetic procedures carried out this year has fallen. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) have found that the number of procedures being carried out in the UK has fallen by about 40%.

It is thought that with the widespread use of Instagram and other areas of social media could be to blame as it is reducing the self esteem in young people. The many stars we see online could be the driving factors behind people avoiding plastic surgery. You only need to turn on Celebrity Big Brother for five minutes to see a line up of bad cosmetic work and when this is in your face all over your favourite apps, it is no wonder that people are becoming put off.

Body Positivity

The beauty industry, for the first time in a long time, is actually very diverse. Models are now selected based on their online following as opposed to looking conventional. This has led to more of a diverse range of ages, figures and races on the covers of our favourite magazines and representing the biggest brands. The body positivity movement has also now been triggered, meaning that we have seen an outpouring of encouragement for self love and acceptance online. Movements like this has reduced the pressure on people to alter how they appear through getting cosmetic surgery.

There has been a switch from unattainable looks and figures to more relatable role models in the form of popular bloggers and vloggers online. With more of a focus on athletic figures, the fashion industry is also helping to change the current trends of the cosmetics market.

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Rise of the MUA

There has been a big change in the beauty world, in terms of self taught make-up-artists (MUAs). These MUAs have been taking the industry by storm, learning their trade from Youtube tutorials, resulting in people switching to make up in order to change their appearance, eliminating the need for more expensive cosmetic treatments. Price has always been a factor when it came to cosmetic surgery, as many people could not afford the price tag that came with certain procedures.

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Its not all over

Despite all of these factors which have led to a sharp decrease in cosmetic treatments, that doesn’t mean they have disappeared completely. Many cosmetic surgeons are now offering more natural looking results as their USP. This involves subtly enhancing features, whilst avoiding the common pitfalls of making patients looking completely overdone. For those who have been loyal to cosmetic surgery for some time, they still love these permanent and temporary procedures. The trick is finding a good cosmetic surgeon and ensuring that you don’t get carried away with the whole affair. It is easy to forget what you initially looked like and get carried away, finding a respectable surgeon can help to eliminate the risks of this happening. You will either be interested in cosmetic surgery or not bothered, but this industry will continue to thrive as long as there are look obsessed in our midst.