London Taking Its Toll On Our Lives

London is known as one of the most vibrant cities to live in all over the world. Although it is a city full of culture, art, shopping and fabulous restaurants, it is also one which can be increasingly draining to live in. For many who came down in search of climbing the career ladder, the experience has become the dreaded ‘rat race’. This is due to a number of factors, mainly the amount of competition that is present in the capital and the other is the inflated costs of living is driving people to push themselves to the absolute limits to get that promotion. If you have found yourself in this position and are seeking a way to detox and unwind in this ever changing city, you might want to consider trying a few of these tips.

Detox Dieting

By this we don’t mean crazy liquid diet or the dreaded calories counting that comes with Atkins and the usual dieting suspects. Detox dieting can be in the form of simply eating better to feel better about all aspects of your life. Drinking herbal teas is another great way to achieve this mindfulness. Herbal teas come with various different variations that all have different benefits. Some teas are calming and others are used to improve energy levels. Detoxing your body is a great way to improve your overall health.

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Getting More Rest

Rest is the easiest way to re-charge your batteries after a long or stressful day. Rest is most obviously achieved with more sleep. More than just getting your 8 hours a night, as this is often enough. Rest can also be simply what you do in your down time. If you spend your time off doing extra activities or preparation for work then you may find that you are in a worse position than you started in. Take the weekend to fully relax, try booking a spa or some pampering to really make the most of your time off. After doing this, you will fully experience the benefits of it.

Cosmetic Treatments

An increasing number of people are turning to cosmetic treatments to reduce their physical signs of looking run down. Various cosmetic treatments, mainly facial fillers, can reduce signs of ageing and the long term effects of being run down (the term eyebag springs to mind). If you are willing to pay the price tag associated with these treatments then you will be amazed by the results you can achieve. This option is more suitable for people who don’t mind being run down but they don’t want to look run down. If you have more black bags on your face than in your house then this could be a great option as there is only so much eye cream can do.


Yoga is by far the most loved exercise to the stressed out and zen-seeking yopros of London. Joining a monthly yoga class could be a fast track to looking and feeling better. After a long, stressful day in the office, you could find that a quick session of yoga is an effective way to blow the cobwebs away.

These are just a few small ways you can beat the stress and lead a better life in London. No matter how important your career is, you should also be looking after yourself first.