The Pros and Cons of a One Week Driving Course

one week driving course

Learning to drive can be an extremely long process, especially as the DVLA says that it takes on average 45 hours of lessons in order to pass. An hour class every week that we’re talking over a year before you even sit your test! Not to mention all the information you’ll fail to retain and forget during that period.

Luckily, there are one week driving courses available to those who can handle the pressure. Here are some of the pros and cons of taking part in a one week driving course.

one week driving course


Beneficial if You Need to Pass Your Test in a Short Amount of Time

One of the main benefits of a one week driving course is that it takes significantly less time than regular driving lessons. This is great if you need to get a driver’s licence within a time limit. For example, if you require a licence in order to start a new job.

Cheaper Than Weekly Lessons

If you can pass your test first time, then one week driving courses work out at just about half the price an average person will spend on weekly lessons. This is a dramatic saving, and can save people over £500.


Many Not Be Enough Time for You

Some people can pass a one week driving course with no difficulty. For others, it’s simply not enough time. It also may not properly challenge a driver, different weather conditions may not come up during a single week and this can leave new drivers with no experience in rain, ice or snow, which can be dangerous.

It is generally recommended to have a little experience in driving before starting a one week driving course, even if it’s only a couple of lessons so that you have the basics of how to operate and steer a car safely.

Stress May Be Too Much to Handle for Some People

For some, the stress of a one week driving course is too much to handle. Which is not surprising when you think about how much information you are getting thrown at you in such a short space of time.

one week driving course

Interested in Taking Part in a One Week Driving Course?

If you are interested in taking part in a one week driving course, then it’s important to choose a driving instructor that is right for you. Some important things to consider when choosing a driving instructor include;

Their teaching style – does it match yours?

Their passion – do they care about you passing your test?

If you get on with them – do they make you feel relaxed when behind the wheel?

Always remember that if you don’t pass your test first time, it’s not the end of the world. Many people fail, this doesn’t make them a bad driver, it just means that they aren’t ready. A good driving instructor will never advise a student to sit their test unless they think they are ready.