Rolex Watch Repairs In London

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Rolex, one of the world’s greatest watch repair brands, In the past they have said:  “There is no word for what we do”, proving that other watch brands find it incredibly hard to top what they do.  A Rolex watch should be cared for, treated with passion and attention to detail. That is why you must send it away for regular watch servicing and repair if anything was to go wrong. If you are looking for a company that does Rolex watch repairs In London then you have come to the right place as we have taken advice from a professional.

Rolex Watch Repairs In London



The iconic  Rolex brand was trademarked in 1908 and an office was opened in Switzerland. The brand is over 100 years old, which makes their vintage models extremely valuable. Rare Rolex watches can be sent away for vintage watch restoration.

You may be wondering the origin of the name Rolex, with one story explaining the word came from an amalgamation of “horlogerie exquise” meaning “exquisite clockwork”. The name is still a mystery to this day as the official Rolex website does not mention these stories and only states the name was simply created to be short, easy to remember, look good on a watch dial and was pronounceable in any language.


You may be wondering what is involved in a Rolex service, we have included a step by step guide below:

  • First of all, during a Rolex watch service, the horologist will examine every aspect of the watch, during this stage they will spot any flaws that need to be fixed.
  • The inner components of the watch are then lubricated to minimise friction that leads to excess wear.
  • The balance wheel is then tested by a specialist.
  • The watch strap goes under examination of wear and tear and is then cleaned or replaced if damaged.
  • The Rolex is then reassembled and reattached to the watch strap.
  • Before the watch leaves it is methodically tested to ensure the timepiece is still waterproof and accurate.

Rolex Watch Repairs London

Postal Repairs

In the past, watch repairers have been sent Rolex watches in a number of conditions. Whether you watch is month, years or decades old, they will do their very best to restore your watch to its former glory. There is no better place in the UK to have your watch fixed. Repairs by Post are horology experts, and they are an accredited Rolex watch service through the Rolex Accredited repair company that they utilise.

The use only the best horologists in the UK and manage their customer’s official Rolex repair, which uses only original Rolex parts. is  Because they are postal service, the watch repair company can fix luxury watches from all over London, the UK and abroad.