Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Workbenches and Work Tables for Garage

workbenches and work tables for garage

When it comes to your garage, there is always room for improvements. Upgrading your workbenches and work tables for garage can dramatically improve the look and functionality of the space you have.

Wall-Mounted Folding Workbenches and Work Tables for Garage

If your garage doesn’t have enough space, but you require a workbench or work table then making a wall-mounted folding one can work wonders. This will not only be a great storage addition for tools, it also allows you to free up space as and when you need it. You also have the use of the workbench when required, without any heavy lifting to move it back and forward.

workbenches and work tables for garage

Vinyl Tool Tray for Workbench and Work Table

If you have a bit of leftover pipe lying around, it can be used as a great addition to any workbenches and work tables for your garage. You can screw the leftover pipe onto the workbench, creating a vinyl tray for any small parts or tools. Just be sure to not put anything sharp in there that may catch you out as you walk by or put your hand in.

Add-On Drawers with Ease

Easy to make roll-out drawers are great if you have wasted space under your workbench or work table. This addition is incredibly useful, they will keep extra tools and parts hidden, keeping your garage looking tidy with minimal effort.

Measure the space you have and see what you can work with. Extra pieces of wood and timber can be used for the frame and casters can be added to the bottom to ensure quick and easy access. They can be made a universal size or different sizes, depending on what is required. Lids may not be required as the bottom of the workbench will cover them, leaving the contents unexposed.

Create a Storage System for Your Entire Wall

Moving on a bit from directly around your workbenches and work tables for garage. Get creative, if you have a plain wall that doesn’t serve a purpose, turn it into a storage system for all your needs. You can never have too much storage in a garage and the addition of shelves and hooks and other creative measures will be able to store everything from small to large tools, a ladder and even your garden hose.

Install a Ceiling Storage System

Want to get even more storage out of your space? Garages generally have higher ceilings then standard rooms; this is convenient when it comes to ceiling storage solutions. Standard hardware plastic boxes can be used along with runners in order to store things that are rarely used. Things such as Christmas decorations and family heirlooms can be stored here, without fear of getting damaged. A system like this could even be used to hide Christmas gifts etc.