What It’s Like Living in London

London is calling and whether you are here to stay or not, you will find a number of hidden gems around the town where you can stay. This city is full of history and it never sleeps. From 24 hour beigel shops to the underground night club scene, London is a wonderful place to visit.

You will spend your days passing recognisable monuments from the city’s exciting past and everywhere you go you will recognise the cityscape. You will also eat good food and drink fine beverages from right across the globe. Who wouldn’t want to live in London?


The Statistics

  • London has reached the highest population in its history – 8.6million – and it is also at its most diverse
  • One in three residents originally born abroad and in some areas half have a different country of birth to Britain
  • People originally from India make up the highest numbers, followed by those from Nigeria, Poland and Bangladesh
  • Capital’s immigrant population will hit five million in 2031, when it will overtake British-born residents for first time

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2950401/How-one-three-Londoners-born-abroad-areas-live-in.html

Living in London

London is not for the faint hearted and if you are planning on moving here then you should keep the phrase “work hard, play harder” in mind. The city is not the cheapest infact an average rent in the capital costs £2,136 a month, the survey said, which is a good 50pc more than it would be in Miami or Hong Kong.

Accommodation in London is expensive. If you compare the capital to other European cities, you pay top dollar in every category from the cheapest hostel to the swankiest five-star, that’s if you only plan on visiting. Air B&B is a good option for those who are planning on visiting of course.

Whitehall and Westminster

If you want to be central, then Whitehall and Westminster is always a good idea. The monuments and buildings in Westminster include some of London’s most famous landmarks – Nelson’s Column, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.  You can also stop by top permanent art collections: the National Gallery and Tate Britain as well as the one and only Trafalgar Square.


Shoreditch is perfect is you are a hipster looking for a more alternative area of London. Hoxton and Shoreditch are two of the coolest sports in London. Both are just a short walk from Old Street Tube station. There is plenty to see and do when it comes to shopping.


The market, the shops and the atmosphere that is why people of all ages and backgrounds flock to the area. Chalk Farm is just a short walk away from central Camden and there are lots of great flats you can rent. Two tube stations make it an excellent choice for those who work in central London. If you are just visiting you will be able to find a good base somewhere near the Camden area.